There’s No Substitute for Experience

The Internship Institute bridges the gaps between College and Employment


The Internship Institute is an impact-driven non-profit organization dedicated to “Making Internships Matter” by bridging the gaps between college and employment. Its mission is one of opportunity creation by connecting education, employment and economic development in ways that cultivate prosperity for individuals, organizations, communities and the economy overall.

Its vision is to assure program quality through internship certification, foster job readiness among the emerging workforce, make graduates more employable, provide upward mobility for disadvantaged youth and align career pathways for those in pursuit of lifelong success.






Proven successful through a $375,000 federal grant*, the Seeding Initiative literally “plants” internships to give businesses and non-profits everything needed to develop successful programs that continue to grow into many more beneficial opportunities.

Internship Seeding Applies Our Blueprints to:

  • Make interns productive
  • Get mentors involved
  • Provide skills training
  • Promote job creation



Internship Seeding standardizes best practices, provides work sites with the talent to thrive and enables interns with the skills training, mentoring and job readiness to make them more employable.

*U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) Employment Training Administration (ETA) Workforce Investment Regional Economic Development Fund (WIRED)

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Donation Distribution

  • 10% = Unpaid Intern Relief Fund
  • 20% = Employs Veterans and Disabled Americans
  • 30% = Job Creation (Internship Seeding)
  • 20% = Build Talent Pipeline (L.E.A.P.)
  • 10% = Education/Advocacy Programs
  • 10% = “Keep the Lights on Fund”

Internship Certification

Z University

Z University is the certifying body of The Internship Institute that aims to standardize best practices, give businesses and non-profits the talent to thrive and provide interns with the skills training, mentoring, and career preparation to make them more employable.


TrainingCorps employs honored military veterans and disabled Americans to certify the quality and integrity of internships and worthy of the academic credits that colleges award students.

ApprentiCorps unites students in need of hands-on experience with non-profits in need of helping hands. Together they make internships matter more through mission-driven charitable good.

Education Advocacy Programs

LEAP logo

The Learning Experience Access Program (LEAP) takes aim at systemic change by building a “College-to-Work Talent Pipeline” with a network of training and placement centers funded by a portion of tuition that students pay colleges for academic credits.

Unpaid Intern Relief Fund

The Unpaid Intern Relief Fund enables disadvantaged youth to intern at non-profit charities that cannot afford to pay wages. This bridges the socioeconomic divide to make those experiences possible.

Businesses for the Ethical Treatment of Interns

Businesses for the Ethical Treatment of Interns is an edgy awareness campaign designed to get people talking about internships in a positive way and realize how – with well-run programs – “Interns Can Do More.”

Matthew Zinman, Founder of The Internship Institute

About Our Founder

Matthew Zinman

Founder Matthew Zinman has made it his personal mission and professional ambition to ‘Make Internships Matter.’ Since launching his career with the help of four internships, he has managed and mentored well over 200 student interns. A frequent speaker and publisher, his passion and dedication to modernize internships and create opportunities for others remain unwavering.

“Our model is to hire U.S. veterans who serve as our boots on the ground to ‘plant’ great internships. These grow into more and more great jobs and help businesses thrive. For non-profits, we unite the need for hands-on experience with that for helping hands to do all-the-more charitable good. Our vets will also build the actual talent pipeline and expand our purpose to involve job placement. Inevitably, the social impact of ‘Making Internships Matter’ will be exponentially beneficial and fulfill the missing link to revive The American Dream itself.”

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